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Horóscopo chino 2013

The Year of the Water Snake brings tides of transformation

February 10, 2013 marks the Chinese New Year, kicking off the Year of the Black Water Snake in Chinese Astrology. Snake years tend to bring unexpected transformations to our lives. Yet while there may not be many outward manifestations of change, there will be plenty of activity beneath the surface. Behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations, and clandestine activity will characterize this Chinese year ... things are not what they seem in a Snake year.
The Water element is emotive, compassionate and perceptive. By tuning into your intuition, you can detect changes that can't be perceived with the naked eye. If you sense your company is in trouble, update your resume and collect your work samples. Does your romantic partner seem distant and distracted? Don't wait for your partner to announce their dissatisfaction. Schedule a romantic vacation and plan more date nights. 
Snake years reward those who do plenty of research before making a move. Whether you're hiring a contractor or dating someone new, be sure to do a background check. Do you need to buy an expensive appliance? Read consumer reports and customer surveys before making your purchase. Are you going to school? Find out which institutions offer the best programs for your needs. By arming yourself with knowledge, you'll make the most of this transformative year.
Love in the Year of the Water Snake
The Year of the Snake year is made for love. Clandestine affairs will abound, thanks to the secretive nature of these creatures. You can expect to hear news of at least one sex scandal this year. Not all romantic relationships will be sordid, however. Snake years prize good looks, so you may be inspired to update your appearance with a new hairstyle, fitness routine, or wardrobe upgrade. Attracting love will be easy once you take extra care with your appearance. 
If you're already in a relationship, you'll try to gain an additional measure of independence from your partner. Developing unique interests and meeting your own needs will make for a healthier union. If your beloved asks for a little more private time, be sure to grant this request. By encouraging each other to develop as individuals, you'll be more inclined to spend quality time together. The Year of the Snake rewards lovers who have faith in each other. 
Money in the Year of the Water Snake
Businesses that are efficient and cost-effective are favored in the Year of the Water Snake. Ventures related to medicine, marketing, accounting, financial planning, scientific research, environmental protection, and antique restoration are strongly favored. Any job involving restoration should also fare well. Fields heavily influenced by trends, though, will probably experience downturns. Restaurants, fashion design, interior decorating, night clubs, publishing, and filmmaking will also probably not fare as well as they did in years past.
If you want to increase your chances of getting a good job during a Black Water Snake year, expand your skill set. Any course involving business communication, conflict resolution, and management can increase your marketability. Improving your image can also help. If you've had difficulty finding a job, learn how to project an air of professionalism. Knowing how to look and dress the part of a successful worker will make all the difference. If you've held a temporary job, the Year of the Snake can help you secure a full-time, salaried position.

-The Rat's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Mind over matter

The mentally acute Rat appreciates all the intellectual stimulation a Water Snake year affords. Your ability to plan for the future should be rewarded in 2013. Of course, Rats are straightforward creatures that might miss some of the hidden motivations swirling around them. It would be wise for you Rats to stop taking things at face value -- learning to detect hidden motivations will be one of the most valuable lessons the Rat will learn this year.
Because 2013 is ruled by the Water element, the experimental Rat will feel very comfortable. Water encourages creativity, so it will be no trouble at all finding inventive solutions to stubborn problems. Study will also be of tremendous benefit to the intelligent Rat, as this Water Snake year will further cultivate your natural curiosity. Self-help programs will be especially beneficial for Rats this year.
All the wheeling and dealing associated with the Year of the Snake can create anxiety for the honest Rat. Practicing relaxation techniques is strongly advised, and it's critical for you to take at least one vacation during 2013, as a means to conserve energy. 
Making friends and business contacts will also prove helpful to the Rat. The Year of the Water Snake emphasizes quality over quantity, so intimate parties will prove more enjoyable than big bashes. Rats love to mingle, so this trend will be a welcome one. Snake years have a way of improving your social status.
The Rat's love horoscope
The affectionate Rat is always looking for love. Fortunately, the Year of the Water Snake will put several opportunities for romance in their path. The Rat must resist the urge to take a relationship too far, too fast though. Snake years are characterized by caution. By taking the time to really know a love interest, the single Rat can avoid tremendous heartache. 
Rats that are already in committed relationships need to be more mindful toward their partners. Too often, Rats jump into action at the first sign of trouble, which can be dismaying for a lover who just wants a sympathetic ear. By being a better listener, the Rat can enjoy great romantic success during the Year of the Snake. Cultivating new interests can also make you more attractive to a partner who may be bored of the same routine. The only thing that should remain constant in a Snake year is change.
The Rat's money horoscope
Job opportunities abound for the Rat in the Year of the Water Snake, however, it will take time to land a secure position. Snake years cause people to linger over decisions, so the Rat needs to be patient when applying for work. It won't hurt to send a follow-up e-mail to the human resources department after an interview. Careful strategies like these can pay off in a big way.
Rats that are currently employed have a good chance of getting pay raises. The Year of the Snake rewards those who work efficiently. This is good news for the Rat, who is a master at performing jobs on time and under budget. Before embarking on a salary negotiation, prepare some charts that illustrate your contributions to the company. Once you strike a deal, make sure to get the terms in writing. Snake years can be deceptive, with people going back on their word at a moment's notice.

-The Ox's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Follow your instincts

The sensitive Ox has a friend in the Year of the Water Snake, which values keen perceptions. By tuning into their instincts, the Ox can achieve both personal and professional success this year. If someone seems honest but makes you feel distrustful, you'd be wise to keep your distance. Similarly, when you feel a strong urge to pursue a seemingly crazy plan, you should you’re your intuition. The Year of the Snake doesn't tend to steer the Ox wrong.
Because this year is ruled by the Water element, life will slow to a pleasant pace for the leisurely Ox. Instead of being pressured to complete jobs on impossible deadlines, you can finally find a manageable timetable. Woodwork, knitting, pottery, brewing, gardening, and baking are the sorts of activities that will encourage the Ox to go with the flow. 
Snake years encourage change, so the Ox would be wise to expand their repertoire in some meaningful way. Business owners should develop new products and services. Employees can update their skills. Managers should cultivate stronger, more supportive relationships with staff. Oxen can be notoriously stubborn. By demonstrating just a little flexibility, you can thrive in the Year of the Water Snake.
Oxen enjoy robust health, but shouldn't take wellness for granted this year. Activities involving a series of small movements, like yoga and isometrics, can be tremendously beneficial. It's also important to get plenty of rest during a Snake year. Afternoon naps and regular bedtimes are strongly advised.
The Ox's love horoscope
A single Ox can find love in the Year of the Water Snake, provided you rely on friends for support. You would be wise to let your friends set you up on dates, and going to parties and professional conferences can also increase your chances for romantic success. Oxen are notoriously shy, which can cause problems during the Year of the Snake. By being a little more aggressive, you could land the partner of their dreams. It will take practice, but the Ox will benefit by venturing out of their comfort zone.
Any Ox that is in a committed relationship should not rest on their laurels in 2013. Snake years emphasize sensuality, so by expanding your lovemaking repertoire, you can pave the way for tremendous happiness. If not, you could be the victim of heartache. Sampling new restaurants, traveling to unfamiliar vacation destinations, and scheduling frequent outings will also solidify relationships for the Ox during this Snake year. 
The Ox's money horoscope
Financial prospects for Oxen are excellent during the Year of the Water Snake. A good job that pays well is within your reach, provided you fill out a flurry of applications. Don't be discouraged if such efforts failed to pay off in the past; the Year of the Snake rewards those who are diligent and steadfast. Feel free to negotiate a better salary than you are initially offered. Snake years encourage people to defend their interests.
Developing multiple sources of income is strongly advised for the Ox in 2013. The Snake is versatile and multi-talented, so by venturing out of its comfort zone, the Ox can realize tremendous success. Keep as much money in reserve as possible, as unexpected expenses will probably occur this year. The Year of the Snake always has some hidden surprises. 
The Ox should not to cling to old ways of doing business now -- Snake years demand change. Therefore, moving and changing with the times is critical for the Ox's financial success.

-The Tiger's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Learning to adapt

Frustrations abound for the Tiger in the Year of the Water Snake. This straightforward sign will be bewildered by the Snake year's subtle machinations. By learning to exercise caution, you can avoid trouble. The Tiger should never make assumptions about another person's religious or political affiliations. When it comes to voicing your own opinions, you would be wise to be a little more tight-lipped than usual. Otherwise, you'll probably make quite a few hidden enemies. 
Tigers are impatient creatures, which can pose problems during a cautious Snake year. Instead of pressuring people to hurry up and make decisions, you'd be wise to back off. It will take plenty of time to see results in the Year of the Snake, but when changes do occur, they will be impressive and profound. 
Happily, this year is ruled by the Water element, which will be fuel the Tiger's adventurous spirit. 2013 will offer plenty of opportunities to travel and socialize, and a series of trips can prevent you from becoming bored and restless. 
As far as health is concerned, headaches can be a problem for the impulsive Tiger. Meditation, guided imagery, and controlled breathing can prove helpful throughout 2013. Such measures won't be necessary, though, if the Tiger learns to slow down and relax. Snake years move at a languorous pace; bucking the trend is an exercise in futility. Tigers seeking robust health will remember to let events unfold in their own good time. 
The Tiger's love horoscope
The Tiger faces a pretty lean year as far as romance is concerned. Single Tigers could have difficulty finding someone who shares their interests in this Year of the Water Snake. Furthermore, you'll have no patience for the mind games associated with a Snake year. It might be best for single Tigers to savor their independence this year, rather than forcing a relationship that is rife with jealousy, resentment and conflict.
The Year of the Snake is a little more favorable to Tigers with partners. The key to surviving this confounding year is to make your appreciation known. Snake years often prompt people to become secretive and closed-mouthed. This trend causes great unhappiness for the straight-shooting Tiger. Therefore, take extra care to lavish your partner with love, affection and compliments. The Year of the Water Snake is famed for its sensuality, so you might want to perfect their lovemaking techniques throughout 2013. 
The Tiger's money horoscope
Tigers that practice discretion can experience tremendous professional success during the Year of the Water Snake. Opportunities involving building, construction, woodwork, and auto repair are especially favored. Tigers that are in nurturing professions like childcare, catering, and landscaping will also fare well during 2013. The Year of the Snake is always beneficial for work involving planning and preparation.
Snake years often bring tremendous material temptations to the Tiger. Going into debt will prove disastrous. At times, it's necessary to use credit cards to make ends meet, but knowing the difference between necessities and luxuries will help the Tiger to avoid a painful Snake bite. Tigers seeking work can likely find success around June or July, possibly in an entirely new field. The Year of the Water Snake always involves big changes, most often in the professional realm for the Tiger.

-The Rabbit's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Golden opportunities

The Year of the Water Snake promises to be a prosperous year for the sensitive Rabbit. Snake years reward those who are guided by intuition, which is a natural tendency for the instinctive Rabbit, who has a sixth sense about golden opportunities. Being at the right place at the right time can attract love, money, fame and contentment in 2013.
Because this year is ruled by the Water element, the Rabbit should have plenty of opportunities to expand their knowledge, and will benefit from all the meditative energy this year will afford. If you decide to gain expert knowledge in your desired career field, success is sure to follow. This is a wonderful year for you to develop your raw artistic talent. Classes in diplomacy, management, and contract negotiation will prove especially helpful.
Snake years involve hidden elements working beneath the surface, which could affect the Rabbit's health. Communicable illnesses like colds, coughs, and flus might wreak havoc on your system. Carry hand sanitizer, eat nutritious foods, and get enough sleep this year. Sugar, fat, and alcohol can weaken the Rabbit's immune system, and should be enjoyed in small doses throughout 2013.
Rabbits will benefit from travelling to places they've never visited before, since the Year of the Water Snake rewards those who are adventurous. Even short trips for pleasure can put you in the path of luck. Creative ideas, romantic interludes, and business contacts are just some of the wonderful gifts travel will bring to the Rabbit this year.
The Rabbit's love horoscope
Love will be available to Rabbits in the Year of the Water Snake, but it will arrive in subtle forms. There is a very good chance that a platonic friendship could turn into a passionate affair, provided you're willing to play the aggressor. This may be difficult for the shy Rabbit, but Snake years reward those who are willing to venture out of their comfort zone. Single Rabbits that are happy with their relationship status will have a lot of fun playing the field throughout 2013. You will not lack for admirers during a sensual Snake year.
The Year of the Snake can make Rabbits restless, causing trouble for those who are in committed relationships. You'll need to take care not to embark on a meaningless fling, or you could lose your partner forever. When the Rabbit gets bored, it should communicate its dissatisfaction. Devising ways to inject more passion into the bedroom can keep you content.
The Rabbit's money horoscope
The Year of the Water Snake will prove profitable for most Rabbits. There should be more money for luxuries, and many Rabbits will launch home improvement projects. Planting flowers, painting rooms, buying artwork, and reupholstering furniture will be a good use of your resources this year. Snakes are associated with beautiful transformations, so any decorating effort will increase the value of your home.
Employed Rabbits will be given new, interesting duties at work. Promotions will be given to many members of this sign. Business-owning Rabbits could see a dramatic increase in customers this year, and it may be difficult to meet orders unless additional staff is hired. Unemployed Rabbits may want to switch industries, but it's better for Rabbits to capitalize on their experience. Snake years can bring you false optimism, so you're better off staying in familiar industries in 2013.

-The Dragon's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Undercurrent events

The outrageous Dragon will experience certain frustrations during the subtle Year of the Water Snake. It will be difficult to pick up on all the undercurrents flowing beneath the surface. Friends, lovers, and colleagues may pretend that all is well, when they're actually seething with resentment. Therefore, you would be wise to study things like body language and verbal cues as a means to understand what is really happening throughout 2013.
Happily, this year is ruled by the Water element, which has tremendous benefit for the Dragon. Water's meandering energy can soothe the irritable Dragon, prompting you to slow down and smell the flowers. 2013 will be a wonderful opportunity for the Dragon to rest, relax and rejuvenate. The therapeutic energy of a Water Year will also make it easier for your distracted sign to focus details and complete projects. 
The Dragon's vibrant health should remain strong during the Year of the Water Snake. Plenty of outdoor activity is advised, as the languorous energy of 2013 can make you a bit restless. Hiking, biking, running, and nature walks will help the Dragon burn off all the nervous energy that can accumulate during a Snake year. 
Carelessness can cause problems for the Dragon during the Year of the Water Snake. A failure to proofread work or make an appointment can be disastrous. The Snake has a way of biting those who refuse to tread carefully. By taking an extra measure of precaution in everything you do, the Dragon can emerge unscathed in 2013. 
The Dragon's love horoscope
As far as romance is concerned, the Year of the Water Snake should be a time of caution for the Dragon. Nobody is what they seem during a Snake year, which is distressing for Dragons, who prefer to know where they stand in relationships. Single Dragons may opt to remain independent, rather than risk a painful bite from a treacherous love interest. Of course, the attractive Dragon will never lack for admirers. Still, it may be best for you to go solo during a deceptive Snake year. 
Dragons that are in committed relationships need to take a gentler approach to their partners. The slow pace of a Water Snake year makes you impatient, but you take out their frustrations on your mate, trouble will ensue. You should take care not to become an overbearing tyrant in 2013. Instead of making more demands, the Dragon should seek ways to become more helpful to their lover. 
The Dragon's money horoscope
Financially, the Year of the Water Snake will be a little lackluster for the Dragon. Income should be steady, but there probably won't be any big raises or bonuses. That will come as a disappointment, but there shouldn't be a loss of income, either. If you become unemployed, you'll likely be able to find another job fairly quickly. Friends will be instrumental in finding work for Dragons. Fortunately, your gregarious sign probably has a vast network of business contacts that will be glad to lend assistance. 
Opportunities with overseas vendors are especially favored in 2013. Business travel is likely and will provide a welcome change of pace for your restless sign. If you're considering a career change, opportunities involving broadcast media, publishing, and transportation are especially favored in 2013. Water Snake years often stimulate jobs in the communications field, too. For the most part, however, Dragons will prefer to stay put this year, choosing security over adventure.

-The Snake's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
It's your year

Opportunities abound for Snakes throughout 2013. The Year of the Water Snake invites the Snake to let down its guard and take a few risks. Venturing into unknown territory will be beneficial, so it's a good time to compile a list of dreams. The chances for realizing a childhood fantasy are very strong right now, whether it's becoming a champion athlete, successful artist or wealthy entrepreneur. If you keep your eyes on the prize, you can reach an impressive goal this year. 
Since this year is ruled by the Water element, the Snake's natural enthusiasm for life will be a bit subdued. Frequent periods of rest will enable you to recharge your batteries and accomplish your goals. Contemplative activities like meditating, praying, and journaling will prove therapeutic for Snakes during this Water Year. If you don't slow down in 2013, burnout will ensue. 
As far as health is concerned, Snakes should try to be optimistic this year. A negative outlook can undermine your enjoyment of a fabulous year. If you feel guilty about your good fortune, get involved with a charitable organization. Donating time, money, and energy to a worthy cause can help keep depression at bay.
The Snake should ignore conventional wisdom in 2013, and listen to their intuition instead. By watching and waiting, you will know exactly when to strike a business deal, approach a love interest, or begin a creative project. The Year of the Water Snake will bestow impeccable timing to your overall approach. 
The Snake's love horoscope
If you want to become more attractive to love, single Snakes must become more open and outgoing. It's important for your self-contained sign to get out and mingle throughout 2013. Going to parties, professional conferences, and neighborhood gatherings will help put you in the path of romance. When you do meet someone special, you'll have to work hard to let you’re your guard; otherwise, intimacy can't occur. The Year of the Water Snake rewards those who take chances, and your sign is no exception.
The Snake that is in a committed relationship needs to be more forthcoming. Keeping secrets during the Year of the Water Snake will backfire. It's time to come clean, whether it's about a bad habit or a hidden resentment. Becoming less possessive is a worthy goal for you to pursue in 2013. By cultivating trust in this Snake year, you can build a stronger, happier relationship that can last a lifetime. 
The Snake's money horoscope
The Snake's tenacity will be financially rewarded in this Year of the Water Snake. This is a wonderful time to apply for an elusive job or land a desired client. The Water Snake year favors those who do their research, so it's a good idea for to gather as much background information as possible when doing business. A boss who seems skeptical of your abilities will be forced to eat humble pie when you become directly responsible for increasing the company's profits. 
Snake years involve constant change, so you may be anxious to find a new job. Employed Snakes would be wise to stay where they are, though, because any new position will have hidden strings attached. Snakes who are seeking work could find a good position involving chemistry, pharmaceuticals, beverages or fuel. Jobs involving law enforcement and the military are also favored for Snakes in 2013.

-The Horse's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Hold your Horses

Sincere and sociable, the Horse will find difficulty during the Year of the Water Snake. Snake years are secretive, seductive and slow. It's difficult for the energetic Horse to slow its pace, but there won't be much choice. Trying to hurry the pace of life will result in a painful bite. It's better for you to stop, assess the terrain, and switch from a gallop to a walk.
Injuries can abound for careless Horses during a Snake year. Therefore, wear safety equipment when they're working out or using dangerous equipment. Extreme sports should be avoided altogether. The Year of the Water Snake often involves unexpected surprises, and the last thing you need is a sudden trip to the emergency room. 
The Horse has some excellent travel prospects, and should take advantage of them in this Water Snake year. Even short trips out of town will prove a welcome change of pace for your curious sign. Snake years do award adventurous types, so this is one area where the Horse will thrive. The more exotic the location, the greater your luck will be in 2013.
This year is ruled by the Water element, which can dampen the Horse's natural enthusiasm for life. When this sign becomes tired and despondent, intellectual exercise can help. Taking a class, attending a study group, or doing puzzles can help keep depression at bay. Outdoor activities like biking, gardening, and bird watching will also lift the Horse's spirits during the Year of the Water Snake. 
The Horse's love horoscope
The Year of the Water Snake forces the Horse to take a more realistic approach to love. Holding out for a fairy-tale ideal will result in disappointment. If you want to embark on a relationship, be more forgiving toward your love interest's human frailties. Snake years favor adventure, so it would be wise for the curious Horse to pair up with another intrepid spirit. Otherwise, you will quickly grow bored and seek greener pastures.
For Horses that are already in a relationship, you should take care to love, honor, and cherish your mate. Snake years are famous for bringing scandals to light. Even a casual flirtation could prove disastrous for a committed Horse. Avoid making flirtatious remarks and sending suggestive e-mails to casual friends -- it's not worth the jealousy that will inevitably result in this Year of the Water Snake.
The Horse's money horoscope
The Year of the Water Snake should bring welcome stability to the Horse's finances. If you are looking for a job or have been underemployed, chances are good that you will find a permanent job this year. Snake years often involve unexpected changes, which will affect the Horse's career path. You may enter into an entirely new field in 2013, resulting in significant financial success. The Snake year benefits versatile creatures; fortunately, the Horse is famous for its flexibility.
Becoming more fiscally savvy is strongly advised for the Horse. The Year of the Water Snake rewards those who are willing to look beneath the surface for answers. By taking a class in financial management and investment strategies, you can make the most of the beneficial energy this year affords. 2013 can also help you get out of debt, provided you forgo few luxuries. Snake years reward those who carry out long-range financial plans.

-The Goat's 2013 Chinese Horoscope:
Cool and confident

The Goat can start feeling a lot more confident in the Year of the Water Snake. Your sensitive sign is able to pick up on all the subtle energies generated by a Snake year. You will be able to detect golden opportunities at every turn. If you get a good feeling from a potential business or romantic partner, honor that instinct. Fortunately, the Snake year underscores the Goat's desirability, so your shy sign probably won't have to make many overtures to form new friendships. All you need to do is to smile, be receptive, and luck can come flowing into your life.
As far as health is concerned, the Goat needs to keep a tighter rein on its schedule. Appointments have a way of piling up fast in a sneaky Snake year. Take care not to make promises you can't keep. Setting aside one day each week to rest, relax, and recuperate will keep the Goat in top form throughout 2013.
Travelling on business will be a recurring theme this year, as Water years involve constant movement. While these trips will prove profitable, they can also dampen the Goat's spirits. Make a point of venturing outdoors every day, just to escape the monotony of airport terminals and hotel rooms.
The Goat's social circle will also expand in 2013. The leisurely pace of a Snake year makes it easy for you to relax in the company of friends. The Goat is sure to be very popular this year.
The Goat's love horoscope
Single Goats should make a special effort to get out and mingle throughout this Year of the Water Snake. The sultry, sensual Snake nature should put you in the path of romance. Joining an Internet dating service is also favored, as Water years enhance long-distance communications. It's entirely possible the Goat will fall in love with someone who lives all the way across the country, prompting one member of the couple to relocate. Any way you slice it, the Year of the Water Snake is one of the most favorable times for a Goat to get engaged or married.
Goats that are in committed relationships will also experience good fortune this year. The Water Snake encourages intimacy on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. This is music to the romantic Goat's ears. By spending more quality time with your partner, you are sure to enjoy a rewarding love life. Sex will also be especially enjoyable in this sultry Snake year.
The Goat's money horoscope
This Year of the Water Snake will be a busy one at work for Goat. Although financial prospects probably won't be spectacular, your income should be steady. It may feel as though you are working too hard for too little money, but that's the way the Year of the Water Snake operates. While it seems like nothing is happening on the surface, the Goat will make significant strides toward a raise, promotion, or both. This award probably won't come until next year, though, so patience will be a virtue in 2013.
The Goat should have opportunities to attract fame and acclaim this year. The versatile energy of the Water Snake year enhances the your creativity; take every opportunity to showcase your talent, whether it's through an audition, gallery or online portfolio. The more you publicize your work in the Year of the Snake, the bigger their fan base can become.

-The Monkey's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Under wraps

The outgoing Monkey will likely experience difficulty in the Year of the Water Snake. Snake years put a tremendous emphasis on secrecy, but it's hard for this gregarious sign to keep its mouth shut. Unless you practice the fine art of discretion, you will get in hot water for engaging in gossip or mockery. Even a lighthearted joke could be taken the wrong way during a deceptive Snake year.
Water years involve lots of work for Monkeys, so you'll probably be very busy throughout 2013. It will be up to you to organize projects, gather materials and supervise workers. Although it may feel as though nobody appreciates your intelligence and inventiveness, nothing could be further from the truth. People keep their feelings under wraps during Snake years. If the Monkey stays focused on its work this year, significant rewards will arrive in 2014. That seems a long way away, but patience is a virtue during the Year of the Water Snake.
Stress could be a problem for the Monkey this year. You are always looking for answers, and become anxious when they aren't readily available. The sooner you learn to act on faith, the faster your headaches and stomach pains can disappear. Practicing relaxation techniques like guided imagery and controlled breathing can help, too. 
During the Year of the Water Snake, the Monkey's greatest challenge will be keeping its motives hidden. If you manage to bite your tongue and play your cards close to your chest, significant growth and development occur. 
The Monkey's love horoscope
Single Monkeys won't lack for admirers in 2013. Snake years emphasize intelligence and charm, which your sign has in spades. It will be hard for you to settle down, because you're having so much fun dating a variety of people. That's fine. The Year of the Water Snake is sultry, sensual and seductive. It's a great time to sow wild oats, especially for the mischievous Monkey. Boredom will not be a problem for you single Monkeys. 
Monkeys in committed relationships will decide to either permanently break up or make up in this Snake year. The Year of the Water Snake has a transformative effect on the Monkey's love life. If you have been putting up with a lot of nonsense from your partner, that trend will end. An ultimatum will be issued, and the troublemaker will either reform or get kicked to the curb. Either way, you will emerge a far happier, healthier creature. 
The Monkey's money horoscope
Professional help should be available to the Monkey in the Year of the Water Snake, which emphasizes communication. If the arrogant Monkey is able to release its pride, economic opportunities will abound. A talented colleague might teach you valuable skills and as result, you can become a hot commodity on the job market and attract lucrative opportunities from a variety of industries.
At times, work will be frustrating because of unforeseen delays. People who are supposed to deliver information, materials, and financial resources will drag their feet. Workers rarely move quickly during a languorous Snake year. It would be wise for the Monkey to occupy its time with other activities while they wait. Craft projects like woodwork, jewelry making, and sewing can be sold for a handsome profit, adding to your income. Snake years are versatile times, allowing you to develop new moneymaking opportunities.

-The Rooster's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Be your bold self

The Rooster has plenty to celebrate during the Year of the Water Snake. This courageous sign will be rewarded for taking chances and venturing into unfamiliar territory. People will herald your leadership ability and seek your expertise. The Year of the Water Snake favors anybody who uses their superior knowledge to uplift and inspire others.
Because this is a Water year, the Rooster will be extremely creative and productive. Activities like writing, painting, playing music, and dancing will make you more flexible and forgiving. The Water element also enhances your sign's natural intelligence, and may prompt you to take an advanced class or launch a research project.
As far as health is concerned, the Rooster's digestive system will be a little delicate in 2013. You would be wise to avoid very spicy dishes. Minimizing sugar, fat, and alcohol intake is also advised. When travelling overseas, the Rooster should only drink bottled water, and forgo beverages with ice. Snake years often involve elements that are hidden beneath the surface. In the case of the Rooster, the secret ingredient may be harmful bacteria. 
Snake years reward those who are cool and calculating, thereby benefitting the cunning Rooster. Follow your instinct to assess your environment, seek hidden opportunities, and make powerful friends. Rivals will envy your progress, but everything you receive will be the result of your own hard work. The Year of the Water Snake does not take kindly to slackers, which is why the diligent Rooster will thrive.
The Rooster's love horoscope
The Year of the Water Snake will be very romantic for the Rooster. Single Roosters should be selective about dating. There's no point wasting time with someone who doesn't appreciate your intelligence, humor and honesty. By holding out for a partner who has a healthy ego and is family-oriented, you will be rewarded. The Snake year favors those who are patient, especially regarding important matters like love.
A Rooster that is already in a committed partnership will enjoy an increased intimacy. Snake years are sultry, sexy, and seductive. By making plenty of time for lovemaking, you can solidify a happy relationship, or strengthen a shaky one. Jealousy could rear its ugly head in 2013, but it will be unfounded. The Year of the Water Snake can give rise to unwarranted fears. Yet if you refuse to give in to envious impulses, you will enjoy great happiness this year. 
The Rooster's money horoscope
The Rooster's prospects for making money are excellent in the Year of the Water Snake, which bestows your sign with impeccable timing. Your uncanny instincts will help when it comes time to negotiate a raise or salary. The Rooster's ability to stay calm and cool under pressure can pay off handsomely.
Although you will probably make money easily in this Snake year, it's important for you to cultivate good work relationships. By taking time to compliment co-workers, your status will rise at the office. It doesn't cost anything to write a thank you note or praise somebody else's performance. Self-employed Roosters can likely hire helpful staff members this year, thereby increasing your productivity and profit margin. When it comes time to find new employees, the Rooster should seek people who want a mentor. Snake years favor teacher-student relationships.

-The Dog's 2013 Chinese Horoscope:
Beyond the boundaries

The subtle shifts involved in the Year of the Water Snake year make the steadfast Dog nervous. If you are going to thrive in 2013, you must become a little more flexible. Being receptive to the changes ahead will help the Dog find love and money in 2013. Clinging stubbornly to old patterns will be an exercise in futility, anyway. The only thing constant in the Year of the Water Snake is change.
The Water element means additional responsibility for the Dog. Fortunately, your dutiful sign likes to stay busy. Taking care of relatives, befriending newcomers, and running errands for sick neighbors will be a good use of your time this year. In fact, the more you follow your generous instincts, the greater rewards you will reap. 
The Dog needs to be vigilant about its health in a Snake year. Regular check-ups are critical to your well-being. It's also important to attend to small aches and pains in the early stages. Neglecting a chronic problem will cause it to escalate. Snake years can be very deceptive, because changes occur beneath the surface. Therefore, a battery of tests can be helpful in detecting illness at its earliest stage. 
It is important for the Dog to conserve its energy this year. Snake years are deceptive. And can cause you to feel overly confident. Then, after loading up your schedule with appointments, you will fall down, panting and exhausted. By creating healthy boundaries, you can reap great benefits from the Year of the Water Snake. 
The Dog's love horoscope
Friendship could turn to romance for the Dog in the Year of the Water Snake. Your sign is very cautious about letting down its guard with unfamiliar people. Fortunately, the sexy Snake year can increase your appreciation for a platonic pal. And luckily, the feeling seems to be mutual. Single Dogs would be wise to search their social circles for a suitable partner. 
A Dog that is in a committed relationship needs to cut their partner a little slack this year. The Year of the Water Snake puts a tremendous emphasis on flexibility. If you are too demanding toward your mate, a breakup could ensue. The sooner you accept your lover's human foibles, the better your love life can become. There is a chance that infidelity will rock your world in 2013 --  Snake years tend to put temptation in everyone's path -- and this may be a deal-breaker for you ultra-loyal Dogs. 
The Dog's money horoscope
It's important for the Dog to demand credit for the work it performs in this Year of the Water Snake. Snake years prompt people to behave in underhanded, sneaky ways. If you aren't careful, a colleague could try to take responsibility for the jobs you perform. Therefore, it's important =to assume a more prominent role in the workplace. Drawing attention to your own achievements doesn't come naturally to the discreet Dog. However, it is important for you to showcase your own accomplishments during a deceptive Snake year.
The wise Dog will take a conservative approach to money in 2013. The Year of the Water Snake often incurs unexpected expenses. By putting a set portion of its income into savings each pay period, you will be in a better financial position. Unemployed Dogs will likely find work on their own steam, provided you emphasize your unique talents and accomplishments. A resume revamp is strongly advised.

-The Pig's Chinese Horoscope for 2013:
Truth and consequences

The honest Pig will have some difficulty throughout this Year of the Water Snake. Snake years are notoriously deceptive, which can be confusing for your sign, which is straightforward in all of its dealings. If the big-hearted Pig isn't careful, a sneaky opportunist could take advantage of your generosity. That's why it's so important for you to be on guard. Learning the fine art of discernment will be one of the greatest lessons you can learn this year.
The good news is that this year is ruled by the Water element, which is very favorable to Pigs. Creative opportunities will abound, and any Pig that works in an artistic field should fare well. Pigs that have artistic hobbies like painting, writing, dancing, and playing music will also take great enjoyment from these pursuits. 
Disagreements can compromise the health of many Pigs this year. Your courteous sign isn't used to arguing. Unfortunately, misunderstandings abound during the Year of the Water Snake, when everyone takes innocent remarks as hidden jabs. Brisk exercise can ease the tension that arises from petty squabbles. A gym membership is a must for every health-oriented Pig this year. 
The Year of the Water Snake can be beneficial for the Pig, provided you are willing to make some changes. Ordinarily your sign is content to go with the flow, but that won't be an option during this Snake year. Therefore, ambitious Pigs must cultivate a fighting spirit. By learning to demand what you want, you can reap significant benefits in 2013. 
The Pig's love horoscope
The single Pig should be wary in love during the Year of the Water Snake. A romantic interest who seems utterly fabulous can actually be hiding significant flaws. It may be best for independent Pigs to go solo this year. Your affectionate sign gets easily attached to others, which could lead to heartache. This doesn't mean that single Pigs are fated to be miserable during the Year of the Snake. On the contrary, you will likely enjoy pursuing your own interests without having to compromise for a demanding lover. 
For Pigs who are already committed to a lover, you may decide to make more demands this year. Snake years tend to reveal hidden resentments. Any Pig that has been sacrificing their dreams for the sake of a partner will probably become fed up. By learning to express your needs in a forthright but friendly fashion, you can pave the way for a healthier relationship. The transformative power of a Snake year cannot be underestimated. 
The Pig's money horoscope
The Pig's financial fortune is tied to their friendships the Year of the Water Snake, so it's so important to be discreet about social networking. An embarrassing photo or post could take you out of contention for a great job. The Year of the Water Snake has a way of biting those who aren't safeguarding their reputations. Keep a low profile throughout 2013 -- that can be difficult for a sociable creature like you, but it can be done.
Unemployed Pigs will find work more easily by expanding their skill set. Venturing into a creative field would be most profitable, yet while the money won't be fantastic, it should at least be steady. Plus, there will be the added bonus of earning money from an enjoyable job. Snake years reward those who gamble on the side of personal happiness. Pigs seeking a job change should take note of this trend.


  1. Jo, en este horóscopo dice que me van a subir el sueldo pero en uno que leí ayer ponía que no voy a hacer ningún tipo de avance laboralmente hablando... Cual me creo?

    1. Me pones en un aprieto. Leí varios y elegí el que más digno me pareció. Piensa que un horóscopo es una manera de darle a la gente "información útil", pero que son interpretación, y son una abstracción.
      Si debes creerte uno, créete el de que te van a subir el sueldo.
      Pero lo importante, es que viene un año engañoso, en el que las cosas no van a ser lo que parecen y que hay que hilar fino (planear e investigar antes de actuar) para no recibir el mordisco de la serpiente.
      Espero haberla ayudado querida lectora.

  2. Aste es idioma NUEVO "Del tranlate al dislate"