Wednesday, January 29, 2014

El evento de Action painting/Action drawing

Arriba Tony Orrico
Ay, ay, quien me mandará meterme en berenjenales. El realismo no opera en mí. Sensatez ilumíname. Qué bonito es el mundo de las ideas y qué cruda la realidad.
He organizado un evento de arte de acción para toda secundaria, dos cientos niños al lío en el auditorio. Me han dado ganas de cortarme las venas in situ y hacer yo también un action-cuadro con mi sangre.  Menos mal que todo ha acabado y empiezan las vacaciones.
Jugando a Yves Klein:
 Dennis Oppenheim, Two stage transfer drawing, 1971.
Jugando a Tony Orrico:
Este chaval lo ha clavao, porque no era nada fácil y muy cansado.
Jugando a Jackson Pollock:
Y cosas de risa que he encontrado en mi investigación Google:
Nutella action painting
Y ¡hasta un chino haciendo action painting! No dejan nada sin copiar.

Les deseo un muy feliz Año Nuevo Chino.

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Unknown pleasures"

Todas las películas que he visto de Jia Zhangke me han gustado. “Unknown pleasures” es del 2002, retrata a la juventud sin oficio ni beneficio de antes de los Juegos Olímpicos. Qué difícil es ser chino, porca miseria. Los protagonistas – de edades comprendidas entre los 18 y los 20- viven en Datong (doy fe de lo horripilante que es esta ciudad).
Dice la wikipedia, y estoy muy de acuerdo con ello, que para algunos, sus tres películas: “Xiao Wu”, “Platform” y “Unknown pleasures” son una  trilogía que define muy bien la transición de profundos cambios que ha habido en China. Más o menos, del 1995 al 2005. El gran misterio, de cómo China puede estar creciendo sin parar y la mayoría no tiene donde rascar. Todos los personajes son muy auténticos, con una personalidad y un entorno social bien definido. Y no les voy a contar el argumento porque es mejor que la vean.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caparrones de Anguiano

Cada vez que vengo con la maleta llena hasta los topes por meter productos de La Rioja me digo siempre en el aeropuerto: “Tía, qué colgada estás, así te lo digo: qué pena me das”. Pero hoy, cuando estaba haciendo unos caparrones de Anguiano con panceta y chorizo de jabalí, me he dicho: “Esto que sale de la cocina es perfume y no lo que venden en París”. Y me han dado ganas de ponerme a cantar eso que cantaba Conchita Piquer cuando bebía vino español, vinoooo españoooool en Nueva York (en tierra extrañaaa).

Cuatro días para las vacaciones de Año Nuevo chino. Aquí se van a quedar con sus petardos, es un martirio el bombardeo día y noche de fuegos artificiales durante una semana. Después de ir tres días al banco he conseguido cambiar un poco de dinero para irme a Corea. Un día hay que ir para decirles que quieres cambiar dinero. (Cada vez que se va al banco chino 45-60 minutos de espera no te los quita nadie). Otro puedes cambiar hasta 3000 yuanes. Y si quieres más tienes que volver cada día, hasta conseguir la suma deseada. Cuando se lo cuento indignada a E, me dice: “Los bancos tienen moneda china. Es tu problema que quieras otro tipo de moneda. Vives en China. Te están haciendo un favor”·. Ggggrrrr…

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Horóscopo chino 2014

Esta vez, el Año Nuevo chino entrará el 31 de Enero del 2014.  Pero dicen que las características del animal nuevo empiezan antes. Por si alguien no sabe de qué va esto de la Astrología china, ya hice una entrada copia y pega el año pasado.

Take action and demand more in the Year of the Wood Horse

Horse years place great emphasis on hard work and tenacity. 2014 could present fantastic opportunities for business, travel and adventure, but these things will require decisive action.
In general, "you snooze, you lose" could be the action-oriented Horse's motto. Furthermore, dishonesty and injustice may backfire spectacularly this Chinese New Year. The forthright Horse does not reward those who achieve their goals through underhanded methods.
The Wood element is ambitious, assertive and heroic. By aiming high this Chinese New Year, you can achieve much more than you ever dreamed. Settling for second best and sitting on the sidelines may result in terrible disappointment.
In a Wood year, you'll fare better by working to improve your life, rather than trying to maintain the status quo. Apply for jobs that pay more, afford greater satisfaction and offer more leisure time. Demand more from your romantic partner, and don't tolerate shoddy behavior.
Horse years are wonderful times to expand horizons, explore unfamiliar territory and get plenty of mental stimulation. If you've been thinking about taking or teaching a class, this would be a wonderful time to do so. Learning a foreign language and mastering a musical instrument are also favored activities in 2014. Beware of biting off more than you can chew, however, because Horse years can prompt people to overestimate their abilities. 

Money in the Year of the Wood Horse

Wood years favor businesses that encourage education, exploration and hip trends. Day cares, schools and universities should fare well in 2014. Publishing houses and media enterprises could also turn handsome profits. Ventures related to travel may experience an uptick in business. Airlines, car rental firms and train lines could do very well in the Year of the Wood Horse, as well as travel agencies. After a prolonged slump, fashion lines may see a dramatic improvement.
Institutions that require thoughtful planning and patience, such as banking, accounting, architecture firms, government agencies and technical research, could have difficulty in this spontaneous Horse Year.
If you want to increase your chances of getting a good job during a Wood Horse year, adopt an optimistic outlook. Those who are decisive, imaginative, compassionate and idealistic will fare very well in 2014. Learning to turn anger into kindness can attract better job offers. A positive attitude is more important than impressive skill sets during The Year of the Horse.

Love in the Year of the Wood Horse

The Wood Horse Year favors romance and adventure. Committed relationships that are showing signs of strain need careful attention. Impromptu outings, exciting vacations and spontaneous gifts can keep love alive throughout 2014.
Dull routines and predictable behavior could be the kiss of death for couples who refuse to mix things up! If you have children, hire a sitter so you can spend more quality time with your partner.
If you're single, you could enjoy the dating scene this year. Playing the field could be really stimulating. Instead of going after a certain type, try dating as many different people as possible. This will help you narrow your choice for a life partner.
Ultimately, you may decide you're having so much fun that you won't settle down. Wood Years can make people a bit restless. In the event you do fall in love, it could be with someone who is introspective, imaginative and cautious. Neat freaks and critics could get on your nerves. 

-The Rat's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Golden opportunities

The calculating Rat may have difficulty during the spontaneous Year of the Wood Horse. Making split-decisions is counterintuitive to this creature. Unfortunately, there won't be time to contemplate which paths have the most promise in 2014. Unless the Rat moves quickly, golden opportunities could vanish into thin air. Becoming more decisive could be this sign's greatest challenge this year. 

Because 2014 is ruled by the Wood Element, the compassionate Rat will catch a few breaks. Expressions of kindness, charity and forbearance could result in financial and romantic opportunities. The Wood Element places great importance on kindness, which is a quality the Rat possesses in spades. By expressing this side of their nature, this sign should reap unexpected rewards during the Year of the Wood Horse.

Rats should work to conserve their energy this year. 2014 will provide constant stimulation, which can create nervous tension. Carving out a set time each day to rest, relax and reflect will be beneficial for these creatures. Rats who refuse to take breaks could suffer from insomnia and burnout. Exhaustion can be a real problem for this sign during the Year of the Horse.The Year of the Wood Horse can teach the Rat a valuable life lesson. Instead of worrying about what others think of their appearance, how much money is in their bank account or what tomorrow will bring, this sign should choose to live in the moment. Learning not to sweat the small stuff can be the greatest gift 2014 brings to the conscientious Rat.

The Rat's 2014 love horoscope

Romantic opportunities won't be spectacular for the Rat this year, but they will exist. The best chance for single Rats to find love is while traveling. Instead of taking a vacation to an old, familiar haunt, this sign should explore a country or city they've never seen before. The Year of the Wood Horse rewards those who venture out of their comfort zones. Any Rat who is seeking love should journey to a distant land that has always captivated their imagination.
For Rats who are in a committed relationship, this is not the time to get complacent. Experimenting with new lovemaking techniques can add keep love alive during the restless Horse Year. Any Rat who takes their partner for granted in 2014 will be committing a grave error. The Wood Horse Year prompts dissatisfied lovers to find greener pastures. Forewarned is forearmed. A romantic vacation is strongly advised for any Rat who wants to strengthen their love life.

The Rat's 2014 money horoscope

The Rat will be invited to take more financial chances throughout 2014. Playing it safe is rarely profitable during Wood Horse Years. This would be a good time for the Rat to take a few gambles with their investment portfolio. Rats who are unhappy with their current line of work should consider moving into a more challenging field, even at the risk of taking a pay cut in the short-term future.
Rats that are currently employed will have to ramp up their productivity. Horse Years are famous for ramping up business. It may be necessary for this sign to spend more time at the office to keep the competition at bay. To ensure job security, the Rat should focus on attracting untapped customer bases. The old formula simply won't cut it during the year of the Wood Horse. It's time for this sign to look toward the future and adjust its wares accordingly.

-The Ox's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Strut your stuff

The hard-working Ox won't be daunted by all the challenges this Year of the Wood Horse brings. The busier this sign is, the happier they are. That's why 2014 should be a time of fulfillment for the diligent Ox. Rewards won't be immediate, and at times it will feel as though louder, pushier rivals will pull ahead of this sign. When this happens, the Ox needs to draw attention to their talents. Humility isn't a strong suit during a Horse Year. Those who want to get ahead will have to showcase their abilities.

Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the steadfast Ox may feel pressured to operate faster than usual. Instead of carrying out familiar routines each day, it would be wise for this sign to set new goals each day. This will help the Ox take advantage of all the spontaneous energy 2014 can bring. Playing games of skill like chess, poker, tennis and basketball can make this sign more decisive and productive.Horse Years tend to reward those who are honest, which is good news for the forthright Ox. Opportunities that are lost to flashier rivals at the beginning of the year may reappear later. That's because the Year of the Horse rewards those who honor their word. As far as health is concerned, the Ox can be prone to accidents during the Year of the Horse. Wearing safety equipment is critical for this sign. It's also important for the Ox to obey the speed limit and avoid road rage while driving.

The Ox's 2014 love horoscope

As far as romance is concerned, the Ox may feel pressured to step up their game in 2014. The Horse Year is a time of spontaneity, adventure and excitement. Going to the same old restaurants and vacation destinations simply won't cut it. Oxen in committed relationships shouldn't wait for special days to give gifts, love letters and compliments. Instead, they should honor their partners at perfectly ordinary times.
The Wood Horse rewards those who operate on the spur-of-the-moment, so the Ox would be wise to mix things up with their romantic partner. Single Oxen need to be discerning about love this year. The Year of the Wood Horse could throw many romantic opportunities their way. In the end, it will be best for the Ox to devote themselves to someone who shares their strong principles. Joining a book club, debate society or advanced class could put this sign in the path of love during 2014.

The Ox's 2014 money horoscope

The best way for the Ox to make a profit in the Year of the Wood Horse is to buy real estate. Members of this sign who already own a home should invest money in improvement projects. Adding a kitchen, bathroom or extra bedroom can dramatically increase the value of an existing property. It may be necessary for this sign to lend financial assistance to a family member in 2014. Fortunately, the Wood element rewards those who are compassionate and generous.
During the Year of the Horse, the Ox needs to set strict boundaries at work. This sign's reputation for diligence could prompt authority figures to pile on assignments. Unless the Ox speaks up, they could suffer from an unwieldy work load. The best way for unemployed Oxen to find jobs is through networking. Friends, relatives and neighbors can prove invaluable in finding work for this sign in 2014. During a Horse Year, who an Ox knows is more important than what it knows.

-The Tiger's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Get ready to pounce

The Year of the Wood Horse affords the Tiger romance, adventure and competition. What could be better suited to this feisty sign? The Tiger should be ready to pounce on opportunities the moment they arrive, because patience is not a virtue this year. Courage trumps strategy during Horse Years. Fortunately, the Tiger is one of the bravest signs in the Chinese zodiac, so tremendous success can be attained in 2014.

This year is ruled by the Wood element, which is tremendously lucky for the Tiger. This sign's natural leadership ability will be enhanced throughout 2014. Many Tigers will get promotions, high-profile jobs or powerful offices during the Year of the Wood Horse. That's fantastic news, as Tigers are bold, capable executives. When demands become too great on this sign, retreating from public view can be therapeutic.Avoiding social media networks can also replenish the Tiger's energy in a Wood year.
Jealousy could be a problem for Tigers this year. The Year of the Wood Horse brings rivals out of the woodwork. People who feel they can't compete with the Tiger's star power may resort to underhanded methods to outperform them. Consequently, the Tiger should take great care to protect its privacy and valuables throughout 2014.As far as health is concerned, the Tiger will be bursting with energy. This sign should take a few moments to warm up before engaging in vigorous exercise. Strains and sprains can be a real problem for Tigers during an overzealous Wood Horse year. Outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking and nature walks can promote radiant health for this rambunctious sign.

The Tiger's 2014 love horoscope

Tigers in committed relationships could face some romantic rivals in 2014. The Year of the Wood Horse will not rest on its laurels. Any Tiger who wants to keep the love alive will need to wine and dine their partner. Tender words, loving gestures and small gifts can keep the passion alive. The Tiger should take note of the ways in which their partner experiences affection and tailor their approach accordingly.
Single Tigers can find love while playing games of skill. This sign may attract love while on the playing field, at the card table or in a trivia competition. Working at charitable organizations can also put the Tiger on the path to romance. Intimate candlelit dinners and leisurely walks are good ways for the Tiger to get to know prospective partners. When it comes to love during a Horse Year, slow and steady wins the race for this sign.

The Tiger's 2014 money horoscope

The Year of the Wood Horse should bring in good money for the Tiger, provided this sign works hard. Competition may be fierce this year, which should whet the ambitious Tiger's appetite for success. Jobs, raises and bonuses won't be handed out arbitrarily in 2014. They will be granted to the most capable members of the team. Therefore, it would be wise for the Tiger to assert its leadership qualities as a means to get ahead.
Many Tigers will have the opportunity to launch their own businesses this year. Because 2014 is ruled by the pioneering Wood Element, it may be easier than usual to get the venture capital for a store, company or service. Horse Years reward free spirits, which is good news for the independent Tiger. Members of this sign that are seeking jobs should update their résumés, improve their interviewing skills and compile impressive work samples. Sheer talent is the key to landing jobs for Tigers this year.

-The Rabbit's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Make mindful choices

The Year of the Wood Horse has many gifts to bestow upon the ambitious Rabbit. This sign could finally get some traction and move toward their goals in 2014. The secret to the Rabbit's success this year is to focus on two or three major goals. Otherwise, they could get distracted and miss some golden opportunities.Horse Years are rife with temptation. Practicing discernment is the best way for the Rabbit to take advantage of this fabulous energy. Whether it's advancing in their career, finding love, travelling or exercising their creativity, this sign can be successful. It's just a matter of making mindful choices.
Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the Rabbit will be able to distinguish themselves in their chosen field. This is a great time for this sign to enter contests, apply for grants, obtain scholarships and land impressive jobs. The Rabbit's impeccable taste and good manners will help them outperform rivals. Wood Years bestow rewards on those who are kind, compassionate and flexible. Fortunately, the Rabbit possesses all of these impressive qualities.As far as health is concerned, Rabbits need to guard against burnout. When they feel overwhelmed, this sign should cut back their schedule. Cancelling appointments can give the Rabbit a chance to collect their thoughts and recover their energy.Rabbits should see their social networks expand this year. Horse Years are especially gregarious times for the friendly Rabbit. This sign may attend even more parties than usual in 2014. These gatherings promise to be lots of fun.

The Rabbit's 2014 love horoscope

Rabbits could have high expectations about love in 2014. Horse Years can boost this sign's self-esteem. Consequently, the Rabbit will not put up with shabby treatment from their partners. They'll demand care, consideration and respect. If these things are absent from a relationships, the Rabbit will leave for greener pastures. Fortunately, it will not be difficult for the charming Rabbit to find an appreciative mate this year. The Year of the Wood Horse will enhance this sign's kind, sweet nature.
Single Rabbits could find romance through social activities. The Year of the Wood Horse should be jam-packed with parties for this friendly sign. Therefore, the Rabbit should take extra care to look fabulous before attending get-togethers. This sign will probably have a wide selection of admirers from which to choose. They'll fare best with a partner who is quiet, reflective and spiritual. Flamboyant people who crave drama will just scare this sign away.

The Rabbit's 2014 money horoscope

For Rabbits, money can arrive from unexpected sources during Horse Years. Insurance refunds, legal settlements and inheritances may supplement this sign's bank account. Although Rabbits love luxury goods, they should not squander these resources on shopping sprees. Instead, any additional resources should be saved for either independent business ventures or educational endeavors. The Year of the Wood Horse invites the Rabbit to invest in themselves, rather than indulge in extravagances.
Rabbits should also guard against spending too much money on social outings. Lending money to friends is not advised in 2014. Horse Years prompt this sign to overestimate their financial fortunes. When in doubt, it is always better for the Rabbit to save than spend money. Unemployed Rabbits can find work on the strength of their ideas. This sign should use job interviews as an opportunity to express their vision and creativity. These gifts can land Rabbits work during the Year of the Wood Horse.

-The Dragon's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

All fired up

All eyes will be on the Dragon during the Year of the Wood Horse. Instead of being urged to pull back, 2014 will encourage the Dragon to unleash the full force of its dramatic personality on the world. Opportunities to display this sign's creative talent may abound. The Year of the Horse will bring out the Dragon's best qualities. This sign's warmth, generosity and affection will be evident to everyone throughout the year ahead.

Because this year is ruled by the Wood element, the Dragon may feel more flexible, enthusiastic and optimistic. It will be easier for this sign to work with others and promote bold ideas. Instead of trying to dampen the Dragon's zest for life, people will embrace it. Consequently, this sign's popularity could soar in 2014. Their presence will be a breath of fresh air to virtually any group. That's because the Wood element fuels the Dragon's fiery energy.As far as the Dragon's health is concerned, burnout could be a problem during the Year of the Wood Horse. When this sign experiences signs of nervous tension, it should enjoy some grounding activities. Baking, gardening, woodwork and fiber art are all good ways for the Dragon to keep anxiety at bay in 2014.The Horse Year can make the Dragon a bit hot-headed. Anger management is critical for this sign throughout 2014. Few people will move as quickly or decisively as the Dragon demands. Instead of pressuring loved ones, colleagues and service people to hurry up, this sign would be wise to practice patience throughout the Year of the Wood Horse.

The Dragon's 2014 love horoscope

Dragons in committed relationships need to make time for romance this year. Otherwise, they could lose a devoted partner. The Year of the Wood Horse provides plenty of distractions. If the Dragon isn't careful, it could experience a terrible breakup. Work will be the greatest obstacle to romance in 2014. Therefore, the Dragon needs to be mindful about spending plenty of quality time with their romantic partner, even if it means cutting back their office hours or taking a less demanding job.
Single Dragons could find romance quite easily this year. Acts of bravery will attract admirers in droves. Fortunately, this sign is famous for its acts of courage. By following its natural instincts, the Dragon could embark on an exciting relationship during the Year of the Wood Horse. People who are adventurous, open-minded and intelligent could prove irresistible to this sign. Admirers who are oversensitive and easily hurt should be avoided.

The Dragon's 2014 money horoscope

Dragons with jobs could be promoted during the Year of the Horse. 2014 rewards those who are creative, bold and flexible. Because the Dragon possesses all of these qualities, they have a good chance for getting raises and impressive jobs this year. It is important for this sign to keep their personal and professional lives separate. The Year of the Wood Horse will be a very busy one for the Dragon. Making a conscious decision to leave the office and stay away from computers and smartphones will bring much-needed balance to the Dragon's professional life.
Unemployed Dragons can receive help from neighbors, relatives and former colleagues in finding work. This independent sign shouldn't be shy about accepting assistance from others in 2014. The Year of the Wood Horse rewards those who are flexible and humble. If the Dragon stops trying to forge a career path by itself, it could land a terrific job this year.

-The Snake's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Slithering into action

The Year of the Wood Horse could be a time of rapid upheaval for the Snake. Horse Years lend a sense of urgency to life, which doesn't sit well with this contemplative sign. Unless the Snake learns to move a bit faster, it could experience difficulty in 2014. The best way for the insightful Snake to thrive is to be less deliberative and more decisive. There simply isn't time to do all the research the Snake enjoys during a hectic Horse Year.Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the Snake will feel a bit more energetic than it has in recent years. All of the sudden, it will be easier for this sign to put bold ideas into motion. Exciting new opportunities will enable the Snake to express its artistic side. Painting, writing, dancing and playing music could bring the Snake tremendous fulfillment in the year ahead.As far as health is concerned, Snakes should establish sensible health routines. The Year of the Wood Horse often involves sudden changes. A fitness regimen can bring some welcome stability to this sign's life. Muscle-building activities like hiking, biking and nature walks are strongly favored for Snakes throughout 2014.Family life is often comforting for Snakes during the Year of the Wood Horse. Enjoying home-cooked meals can cultivate contentment at this frenetic time. Snakes that are estranged from their kin would be wise to cultivate strong support networks consisting of friends, neighbors and colleagues. The Horse Year emphasizes togetherness for this self-contained sign.

The Snake's 2014 love horoscope

The Year of the Wood Horse could prove wonderfully romantic for committed Snakes. An added dose of passion may be detected in even the most settled relationships. This is a marvelous time to experiment with new lovemaking techniques. Traveling can also enhance the pleasure between Snakes and their partners. During a Horse Year, glamorous destinations can bring out this sign's sensual side.
Single Snakes can also find love in 2014. Romance could take flower at a museum, gallery or movie theater during the Year of the Horse. That's because the sociable nature of this year can coax the Snake out of its lair, putting it in the path of new opportunities. Secretive Snakes who want to begin relationships should push themselves out of their comfort zones. Exploring unfamiliar hangouts could have fantastic romantic rewards for the Snake in the Year of the Wood Horse. Taking risks will pay off for this cautious sign.

The Snake's 2014 money horoscope

2014 can bring promotions for employed Snakes. This sign's hard work, discipline and intelligence shine during Horse Years. Snakes who want raises should lobby for them now, while the Wood Horse is urging them forward. Employers will work hard to keep Snakes on their rosters. Many Snakes will get tuition reimbursement from their companies this year, thanks to an added emphasis on education. This sign should curb its tendency to become jealous, as it is more helpful to make friends than enemies in a competitive Horse Year.
Unemployed Snakes could find stable income during the Year of the Wood Horse. That's because Horse Years reward ingenuity, which is the Snake's strong suit. When going on job interviews, this sign should emphasize its ability to develop creative solutions to stubborn problems. Families can also provide financial support to Snakes throughout 2014, easing the pressure to pay bills and save money.

-The Horse's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Reign it in

The Year of the Wood Horse is filled with excitement and possibility for the Horse. Opportunities to travel, socialize, find romance and attract money will abound. The key to the Horse's success in 2014 is to narrow its focus. Biting off more than it can chew is often a problem for this sign, especially during its host year. Therefore, Horses should take a few minutes to reflect on their heart's desire. Narrowing down goals to two or three objectives is strongly advised.
This year is ruled by the Wood Element, which can further fuel the Horse's passion for life. This sign could feel invincible in the year ahead, taking chances that make others gasp with admiration and concern. Entering a marathon, contest or game of skill will be a good outlet for the Horse's competitive spirit. This sign should be wary of becoming indecisive, as Wood years often involve a bewildering array of options.New paths can open for the Horse this year. The Year of the Wood Horse marks dramatic changes, especially for those born under this sign. Moving from the city to the country (or vice versa), changing career fields and embarking on a serious romance (or leaving one) are among the possibilities. 2014 is the perfect time for the Horse to make a dramatic transformation.Horses can be accident-prone this year. Wearing safety equipment while playing sports and operating heavy equipment is essential for this sign. It would also be wise for the Horse to avoid foolhardy activities, but that may be easier said than done.

The Horse's 2014 love horoscope

Horses in committed relationships will be heroic in romance. The Wood Horse Year brings out this sign's naturally protective nature. Relieving their partners of terrible stress can strengthen bonds of love. Many members of this sign will work while their mates recuperate from illness, take sabbaticals or search for jobs. The Horse may decide to leave work temporarily to become a full-time parent to a child who needs an extra bit of support. Such selfless gestures will go a long way toward bolstering this sign's love life.
Single Horses can find love quite easily in 2014. Sporting events, camping trips and nature walks can put this sign in the path of romance. The Horse would be wise to pair up with someone who is enthusiastic, intelligent and curious. Admirers who are predictable, cautious and conservative should be kept at a distance.  Keeping jealousy under control could be the Horse's biggest romantic challenge this year.

The Horse's 2014 money horoscope

When it comes to money, the Horse will face stiff competition. Business owners will be coping with cut-rate rivals. Job seekers may have difficulty getting responses to applications. People in established careers will have to distinguish themselves from up-and-comers within the organization. Fortunately, the Horse is up to the task. By putting forth its best efforts, this sign could land an impressive promotion, job title or reward. Self-employed Horses shouldn't feel pressured to lower their prices to beat the competition. Instead, offering superior customer service and products will put them in the winner's circle.
Many Horses will decide to change fields this year. The Year of the Wood Horse can create feelings of restlessness. People with this sign who aren't happy with their jobs may decide to do something entirely different. Such a shift is favored, so long as it isn't made in haste. Careful thought should be made about what kind of industry will suit the Horse best.

-The Goat's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Strengthening bonds

The Goat will feel valued and supported during the Year of the Wood Horse. Agile and creative, this sign will have no problem meeting the challenges the Horse Year presents. In fact, this will be a welcome chance for the Goat to showcase ability to find solutions to stubborn problems. In past years, people dismissed the Goat as being too gentle and easygoing to handle dilemmas. Actually, this sign operates very well in emergencies, because of its ability to make split-second decisions and detect hidden opportunities.

Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the Goat will feel especially dynamic in the year ahead. They'll get all the encouragement and support they need to carry out objectives. Therefore, it would be wise for this sign to set special goals this year. Great dreams can be attained, provided the Sheep summons its courage and goes after their heart's desire. Wood years reward bravery.Friends and family will play an important role for Goat in 2014. The Year of the Wood Horse will enhance this sign's ability to empathize with others. This will strengthen bonds of affection. It may also allow Goat to heal breaches with warring neighbors and colleagues. While the Horse Year will be boisterous for many signs, it should be peaceful for the Goat.As far as health is concerned, the Goat should take care to keep their immune systems strong. Getting enough sleep, eating well and taking regular exercise will help ward off viruses and bacterial infections. 

The Goat's 2014 love horoscope

Spending more time at home should be an increasing priority for Goat in committed relationships. The Year of the Wood Horse emphasizes consideration and cooperation. By acting as an equal partner at every opportunity, the Goat can enjoy tremendous happiness in love. 2014 would be a lovely time for this sign to start a family or buy a home, as Horse Years favor expansion for Goat.
Single Goat can discover heart-stopping romance during the Year of the Wood Horse. This sign will be irresistibly drawn to athletic, upbeat types. Falling in love at first sight is a distinct possibility for the Goat in 2014. Great emphasis will be placed on sexual chemistry. This sign won't settle for a merely pleasant physical relationship; it should hold out for red-hot passion. The Goat needs to steer clear of sticks-in-the-mud who always complain about their lot in life. Such whiners will make them miserable. 

The Goat's 2014 money horoscope

Money shouldn't be a problem for the Goat during the Year of the Wood Horse. People will be seeking out this sign's creative talent for a number of lucrative jobs. For Goat who are steadily employed, opportunities for raises and bonuses will abound. It's simply a matter of this sign asserting its gift as a team player. Bringing colleagues and clients together in a spirit of harmony could pay off handsomely for the Goat in 2014.
Job-seeking Goat would be wise to seek help from former co-workers and employers. The Wood Horse Year brings assistance from past associations for this sign. A glowing letter of recommendation can help the Goat land a position at a respectable company. It's possible this sign will have to accept an entry-level job at first, but that won't hurt the humble Goat's pride. Besides, the Goat can get ahead very quickly during a fast-moving Horse Year.

-The Monkey's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Play well with others

The mischievous Monkey could encounter difficulty during the Year of the Wood Horse. Horse Years prize honesty, while Monkeys are too subversive to be straightforward. Getting in trouble with the powers-that-be could be a trend if this sign isn't careful. Instead of thumbing their noses at authority in 2014, the Monkey would be wise to buckle down and do what is asked. Horse Years pose marvelous opportunities for the Monkey to become more disciplined and diligent, provided this creature is willing to learn.

Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the Monkey may feel misunderstood. Instead of being applauded for its wicked sense of humor, this sign could be accused of being hurtful or sarcastic. The Wood Element rewards honor, kindness and consideration. By learning to be more mindful of others, the Monkey can become a more sensitive, caring creature in 2014. 

Operating as part of a team can prevent the Monkey from feeling alienated during a Horse Years. Naturally independent, this sign could be accused of egotism in 2014, because the Horse prizes sociability. Therefore, instead of finding ways to showcase their unique talent, the Monkey should get involved with collaborative efforts.

As far as health is concerned, the Monkey should spend as much time outdoors as possible during the Year of the Wood Horse. Sitting under fluorescent lights can take a toll on the Monkey's health. Similarly, staring at the computer can result in eye strain and headaches for this sign during this harried Horse Year. 

The Monkey's 2014 love horoscope

Monkeys in committed relationship should keep lighthearted teasing to a minimum throughout 2014. Even if playful banter has been a cornerstone of a serious romance, it should be minimized in the year ahead. Taking more time to inquire after their partner's health and well-being will be critical to keeping love alive. The Horse Year places great emphasis on kindness and courtesy, especially in romantic unions. Less joking and more praising are advised for Monkeys in love.
The Year of the Wood Horse involves many choices, and this will be especially true for the single Monkey. Romantic opportunities will abound for this flirtatious sign. For most of the year, the Monkey will enjoy playing the field, dating a wide variety of people. As the Horse Year draws to a close, this sign may choose to settle down. An ideal partner will be grounded, nurturing and sensual. The Monkey needs to steer clear of hypersensitive types. 

The Monkey's 2014 money horoscope

The Monkey will need to work hard for their money in 2014. Competition is always stiff during Wood Horse Years. Therefore, the Monkey won't able to goof off as much as they'd like. Playing around usually makes this sign more productive, but the authorities won't appreciate this dynamic in 2014. Employed Monkeys should keep busy and avoid attention. This isn't a good year to ask for a raise or promotion, as Horse Years don't place much value on self-starters.
Unemployed Monkeys might be forced to take dull jobs in order to make ends meet. Instead of cursing their luck, this sign would be better off making the best of what they have. The Year of the Wood Horse may prompt the Monkey to get serious about work. If this creature rises to the challenge, they'll make ends meet in 2014. Extending compassion to those who are also out of work is strongly advised, as Horse Years benefit kind behavior.

-The Rooster's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Loosen up

The Year of the Wood Horse will be filled with opportunities for the ambitious Rooster. Horse Years reward those who are honest, forthright and diligent. Happily, the Rooster embodies all of these qualities. 2014 promises to be extremely busy, which should be welcome news for this dutiful sign. Many Roosters may decide to upgrade their computers, smartphones and vehicles this year as a means to fulfill their responsibilities in a quick, efficient manner.

2014 won't be all smooth sailing, however. Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the Rooster may feel slightly persecuted. Wood Years encourage people to branch out, take risks and be flexible. This is difficult for the focused Rooster, which prefers to strive for perfection. Instead of being praised for their high standards, the Rooster could be mocked for its rigidity. Smart members of this sign will learn to loosen up this year.Horse Years also place great emphasis on modesty, compassion and kindness. Therefore, the proud Rooster will feel pressured to temper its ego a bit. Instead of seeking the spotlight, this sign would do better to act as a supporting player throughout 2014. This will be counterintuitive, but Roosters who insist on taking center stage will be in for a rude awakening.As far as health is concerned, respiratory issues could surface for the Rooster. This sign would be wise to invest in an air filter and humidifier. Staying away from pollutants and using natural products instead of harsh chemicals can also prove helpful in the Year of the Wood Horse. 

The Rooster's 2014 love horoscope

Roosters in committed relationships should yield to their partner in 2014. The Year of the Wood Horse places tremendous emphasis on equality. The Rooster has a tendency to take the lead in all matters, particularly romance. Unless this sign learns to defer to their beloved, it could be abandoned. Horse Years often involve stiff competition, especially on the romantic front. If the Rooster doesn't want to lose its partner to a more attentive, giving rival, it should strive for a more equal partnership.
Single Roosters could find love through friends and relatives. Being set up on blind dates could prove very successful for this sign. Their naturally brash behavior may not make a good first impression in the Year of the Wood Horse. Therefore, it will be helpful to have someone vouch for their character before going on a date. Roosters that learn to listen more than they speak can be successful in love this year. 

The Rooster's 2014 money horoscope

Job opportunities will abound for Roosters in the Year of the Wood Horse. This sign's intelligence, organization and honesty will help it go far in 2014. This is an ideal time for the Rooster to land a high-paying job, raise or promotion. A power struggle could break out during this competitive year, which the Rooster could win easily. The important thing for this sign to remember is to cultivate and maintain friendships in the workplace. This is not a good year to make enemies. If the Rooster saves more than it spends in 2014, they'll flourish in the Year of the Wood Horse.
Unemployed Roosters can find work through social networking. During the Year of the Wood Horse, it pays to join clubs and professional organization. Volunteering at a charitable organization or serving as an intern can lead to a salaried job. The Rooster shouldn't let pride get in the way of making inroads to their dream career.

-The Dog's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Break free from the pack

Self-doubt could be a problem for the Dog in the Year of the Wood Horse. Horse Years urge people to venture out of their comfort zones. Dogs prefer familiar surroundings and reassuring routines. Unless this sign makes a conscious effort to try new things, 2014 could present difficulties. This year, even small changes like taking different routes to work or experimenting with various forms of exercise can pay off handsomely for the Dog.

The Wood Element rules this year, which adds further complications to the Dog's life. Wood Years place great emphasis on social networking. Dogs prefer sticking to their pack. If this sign continues its clannish ways, it could miss some golden opportunities. Therefore, the introverted Dog needs to make an extra effort to attend parties, join clubs and introduce themselves to newcomers throughout 2014.As far as health is concerned, the Dog should resist pushing themselves too hard during the Year of the Wood Horse. Learning to delegate tasks will help this sign maintain good health in 2014. Instead of doing the work of three people, the diligent Dog should pressure roommates, relatives and colleagues to do their fair share.Horse Years favor those who are dynamic, forthright and strong-minded. It can be difficult for the modest Dog to summon these qualities. As a result, self-doubt could be a problem for this sign in 2014. Instead of listening to self-defeating thoughts, the Dog would be wise to recite affirmations each morning. It will feel a little corny at first, but the results will be impressive. 

The Dog's 2014 love horoscope

Dogs in serious relationships may serve as the sole bread winner in 2014. That's because Horse Years place added burdens in Dogs. Fortunately, this sign loves making sacrifices for their romantic partners. Therefore, the opportunity to work while their beloved rests, recuperates from illness or takes time off for school will fill the Dog with contentment. This sign should be wary of innocent flirtations, which have a way of spiraling out of control in Horse Years.
Single Dogs will attract admirers in droves this year. The Year of the Wood Horse will showcase the Dog's best qualities: Honesty, bravery and loyalty. This sign will have a wide array of admirers. Ultimately, it will be best for the Dog to choose a partner who is warm, grounded and nurturing. Ambitious executives will just leave this sign cold. The Year of the Wood Horse isn't the best year for the Dog to marry, but it's a great time to date.

The Dog's 2014 money horoscope

Employed Dogs can receive exciting job offers. Many members of this sign will decide whether to stay with their present employer or move on to greener pastures. Moving to a new company is probably the preferred move in the Year of the Wood Horse, which rewards changes. However, loyal Dogs who decide to stay put should insist on getting paid more. Horse Years place a great emphasis on fairness. It's critical for hard-working Dogs to get paid what they are worth.
Unemployed Dogs could find work by reaching out to former colleagues. Getting job leads and recommendation letters should be easy for this hard-working sign. Anyone who has ever worked with a Dog has first-hand knowledge of their ethics, loyalty and industry. Horse Years bring upward movement for the Dog, so this creature would be wise to apply for jobs that will bring more pay and greater prestige.  

-The Pig's Chinese Horoscope for 2014:

Clear the clutter

The Year of the Wood Horse will be a favorable one for the gallant Pig. Horse Years are filled with social activity, which is good news for this popular sign. Going to parties, spending time with friends and exploring new gathering spots will pay off handsomely for Pigs in 2014. The larger their social network, the easier it will be for this sign to find love, money and creative opportunities.

Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the Pig might feel a little undisciplined. Pigs are practical creatures until they are presented with a dizzying array of options. At that point, they become overwhelmed and indecisive. Staying organized is critical to Pigs who want to reap success during a Wood Year. A daily planner will prove invaluable. Clearing clutter can also lend clarity to the Pig this year.Regarding health, the Pig will require more rest than usual during the Year of the Wood Horse. Pigs don't have the stamina to tackle all the work Horse Years entail. Consequently, it would be wise for the Pig to hire a babysitter, house cleaner or personal assistant. Establishing a regular bedtime routine is also advised for Pigs in 2014.Finding work that provides creative satisfaction is possible for Pigs this year. This sign should take every opportunity to showcase their wares. Submitting work to galleries, publishers, agents and managers is strongly recommended. Horse Years reward those who are willing to go after their dreams. This is wonderful news for the idealistic Pig. 

The Pig's 2014 love horoscope

Regarding love, Pigs who are in committed relationships could find deep contentment in 2014. Spending quality time with their partner will strengthen the bonds of affection and loyalty. Horse Years smile upon those who treat each other with care and respect. These qualities are the hallmarks of the Pig's romantic style. Pigs whose mates do not treat them well could be lured away by more attentive admirers.
Single Pigs will have to pursue love; it won't come to them automatically. Horse Years require people to work hard to realize their goals. Any Pig who truly wants love will have to dress well, exude charm and mingle. Fortunately, this sociable sign will have no problem rising to the challenge. The Pig shouldn't let romantic rivals steal their thunder in an ultra-competitive Horse Year. When it comes to picking a partner, the Pig should choose somebody who is discerning, organized and accomplished. Quick-tempered egotists should be avoided at all costs. 

The Pig's 2014 money horoscope

2014 will enable the Pig to earn a living through specialized knowledge. The Wood Horse Year favors anyone who shares information with energy and enthusiasm.  Therefore, this is a wonderful time to teach a class or land a job requiring expert ability. Employed Pigs who are happy with their jobs would be wise to apply for a promotion. Horse Years can backfire on those who rest on their laurels.
Pigs who are seeking work should pursue jobs that have deep personal meaning. Accepting a job that feels morally questionable could be disastrous. The Year of the Wood Horse prizes ethics above all things. It's especially important for the moral Pig to be doing work that is a reflection of their values. It may be necessary to jump through hoops to land a satisfying position, but the result will be worthwhile. The Pig can distinguish itself from the competition by emphasizing its cooperative nature.

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